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Mary Yearwood


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     WELCOME to the Crop Over 2019 Edition of Bajan Diaspora Online.  We will be bringing you more interesting and informative articles, and will work diligently to increase memberships.  Just continue to share the publication with all your friends and family in Barbados and the Diaspora.  Our Website is located at

     Bajan Diaspora Online addresses the issues and concerns of Barbadians everywhere.  Our purpose is to allow Bajans, wherever they are, to reconnect with our culture, and keep friends and loved ones informed about our adjustment to life outside of our beautiful and beloved homeland, Barbados.  We will highlight the achievements, successes, and challenges, which we all face.  You are welcome to submit your thoughts, questions, and opinions.  We will publish only the information that you want published.

     Let us embark on a journey of national pride, and give back to the institutions that have once served all Barbadians in one way or other.  Many churches and organizations are in need of serious help.  Also, let us help restore our once majestic and beautiful institutions and attractions to places of pride and admiration.  

     Thank you for being a reader of Bajan Diaspora Online.

Mary Yearwood, Editor