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Soon after his appointment as Consul General at New York, The Honorable Mackie Holder was kind enough to granted me, as the Publisher and editor of Bajan Diaspora Online, the following interview.
Here's a look back 5 years later.

Consul General Mackie Holder and wife,

Mrs. Treva Holder

          From the time Consul General Mackie Holder and his wife, Treva, arrived at the little Anglican church in Plainfield, New Jersey, to take up their posts here in the US, I felt a connection.  They were open and accommodating, and open to ideas from Barbadians in the Diaspora.  Recently, I sat down to have a chat with the Consul General, to which he was very kind and considerate to grant me the interview.


About my Childhood


Can you tell me a little about your childhood? 

          I was raised by my grandparents in Mile & Quarter, St. Peter. I had a great upbringing. Ma was special. Back then, it was an agricultural community and full of characters. There was not a lot to do, except your typical going to school, church and interacting with your community. I got into books early and I am still very tight with a lot of people I grew up with. I also cherish the fact that my childhood home is still there and in the family.

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