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Dale Knight


Dale F. Knight

About my Childhood

     I was born in Speightstown, St Peter, Barbados. Number six of eight children, to parents Sheila and Whitfield Knight. My mom was mostly a ‘stay at home’ housewife, who did the routine cooking and cleaning for the family, with the able assistance of her late mom (Grandgran) who came to help out on weekends. My mother also worked from home as a Seamstress.

     Daddez, as we called my late dad, was also known by everyone else as Brother Knight or Reverend. He pastored Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies churches and was the Head of that organization for many years. Dad was also the church’s musician. He played the guitar, organ and piano, sang, conducted the choirs and also accompanied my mom who would’ve probably been a ‘singer’ in another life. Hearing them constantly singing and playing at home caused us kids to join in, and so we all picked up one instrument or another.

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