Dale Knight

Dale River Rouge.JPG

     My first tour was to St Lucia on a regional schooner called the ‘Stella S’ with a gospel group. I was 15 years old and interchanged playing saxophone and trumpet with one of my brothers, Jude, who was three years older. The experience was great, and I’m sure had something to do with why I later spent six years on cruise ships.

     When I started playing on the hotel scene, it was a completely different genre and repertoire, and I quickly learned many styles like Bolero, Bossa nova, Cha Cha, and Swing, along with Calypso and Reggae with bands like Charlie & the Cyclones, and Springer and the Barons. Those groups carried a brass and wind section from the Royal Barbados Police Band, so I was contented to be the keyboard player.

Bassist Michael Bayley and Dale Knight on the River Rouge, Winnipeg with Pure Gold band.

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