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Bajans, Where Are They Now, 3


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Talk a little about your business/work now.



     I worked at Pearson International Airport until 1986, when I joined the Toronto Transit Commission, starting out as a bus operator.  I drove for 3 years, and became an Inspector, later to be called a  Transit Supervisor.  I enjoyed every moment at the TTC, where I retired at the end of last June, after a tenure of almost 29 years.  While at the TTC, I played with 2 bands there over the years.  I still play, somewhat, with some Bajan friends here.



What is your biggest achievement in life:



     My biggest achievement is life is having

been able to work for that many years at

the TTC, and to be alive to reach retirement,

as so many, and I mean many of my close

friends never made it this far.  To them, I

will always remember their friendship.



Talk about your family a little.  Would you ever

go back to live?


































Barbadian John Taylor has been with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in Canada for twenty-eight and a half years. He is a highly respected Subway Supervisor, well loved by his peers for his fantastic work ethic, friendliness and professionalism. John has always taken great pride in sharing Barbadian culture with his workmates at every opportunity, especially The Barbados Picnic that he and other Bajan friends put on each summer. He retires this June. Well done John and thanks for flying the Barbados flag all those years.


     I go back to Barbados regularly...sometimes 3 times a year; and now that I’ve retired, I go for extended periods.  I just came back from 5 weeks on the ‘rock’.  Would I go back to live?  I’m not too sure, because as a citizen of Canada/Ontario, we’re only ‘allowed’ to be away for 183 days/year, before you lose your medical benefits.  So if I do,  it would not be permanent.


     My parents are still alive, and I thank God for that.  I am very fortunate indeed.  I have 2 sisters that live in Barbados, and so I get to see my family there quite often.  I also am in contact almost daily, so I feel very close and connected with everyone.

I have many cousins here in Canada, and I get to be with them very often too.  Family is very important to me.  My last 2 Uncles on both my Mother’s side and my Father’s side, passed away last year.  May they rest in peace.




Is there anything else you would like to add?



In closing, I’d like to thank you, Allan, for asking me to do this bio, and hope it meets with your requirement.  I’d like to give a ‘ shout out ‘ to William ‘ Smokey’ Burke, a high school buddy who I keep in contact as often as possible. 



Thank you my has been a pleasure.



Best regards.

John sporting the Barbados hat with his guitar continues to play music.