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Chamberlain 'Swing' Bridge

As you've never seen it before

          Chances are that if you are a Barbadian, you've never seen the Chamberlain or 'Swing' Bridge in operation, no matter how many times you have visited Bridgetown.  Today, things have changed...with one of the most used bridges in Barbados opening up more than 2 times a day.  This past July, Ben and I happened to be crossing the Swing Bridge (which no longer swings open.  Instead, it now opens up vertically), and I decided to stop and ask Bridge Operator, Mr. Christopher Williams, to explain to me how the bridge works.  He was as knowledgeable and informative as a history graduate.  He was only too happy to explain the operation to us.  And as luck would have it, a ship radioed in that they were about to come through.  Christopher asked us to wait, so that he could show us how he 'so skillfully' does his work (my words of course).  Below are two videos, which I am happy to share with you.  Subscribe to the magazine for free and drop a comment to let me know what you think and what you would like to see in future issues.  And thanks for watching.
Your Publisher/Editor,
Mary Yearwood


Chamberlain 2023.jpg

In this photo (inset), Bridge Operator, Christian Williams, explains to my hubby, Ben, how the Chamberlain Bridge works.

Mr. Christian Williams, Chamberlain Bridge Operator

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