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PRESIDENT: Ms. Jackie Workman, (908)217-7973, or

BOARD MEMBER: Ms. Shirley Holder ( 917)583-5141

BACONJ – Social Development and Responsibility


An illustration of the Contribution to Social Development and Responsibility can be found in the story of The Barbados American Charitable Organization of New Jersey, Inc.  The organization known today as BACONJ was became a reality when a Bajan named Kenneth Thorze took a trip “home” for a relaxing vacation. While visiting the Island in 1979, his inherent love of his people and a desire to help lead him to visit the Thelma Vaughn Memorial Home for Children.  Ken immediately saw that help was needed.  He was particularly taken in by a very young child (Patrick Forde) who had no legs.

Upon his return to New Jersey, where he lived, He immediate contacted his closest friends and told them of his experience and communicated the urgent need to do something for those children.  The group sprang into action.  On a hot summer day, the group held their first fundraiser in Ken’s back yard.  On the menu were Peas’n Rice and Beef Stew, Coconut Bread, Pone, and Fish cakes.  They raised about $500.  Encouraged by this outcome, they decided that they will take this money and reinvest it to make more.  It was only natural that a dinner Dance was planned.  It was help on September 29, 1979 and netted almost $2000.00.  This money was delivered to the Thelma Vaughn Memorial Home by Mr. Thorze.

That was the beginning of the Barbados Charitable Organization of New Jersey.  One of the members of the group that started this valuable organization is Modern High School Alumni, Jeanette (Forde) Edghill.  Forty years later, she is the only Founding Member who is still active in the organization today.  Jeanette has been a valuable member of BACONJ.  She has used her culinary and leadership skills serving in numerous ways; President, Treasurer and Secretary.

BACONJ is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year.  Over the years this organization has made a difference in the lives of many Children, youth, adults and seniors.  We have provided assistance to those in need in Barbados, the Caribbean, the United States and Africa.  This has been accomplished through donations of equipment, scholarships, disaster relief and medical assistance to name a few.

BACONJ continues to go from strength to strength as we live our Motto:

“Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve”