A little while back, Consul General Mackie Holder was kind enough to grant me an impromptu interview at the  Consulate in New York.  And despite a bit of embarrassment, due to some technology glitches, which resulted in a bit of an an abrupt ending, he remained very patient and understanding. I would like to thank Consul General Holder for his patience and cooperation.

     Below is a statement by Consul General Holder, which describes what his new initiative, The Barbados Business Network:

     The Barbados Business Network is one of the most exciting projects I am working on.  I am happy to have started with a group of dynamic and committed individuals across various States, who understand the need for Barbados business owners to network, cross market, and make it known in the Barbadian and other communities, that there is  a range of Barbadian businesses which can be supported.


     This has been a missing dimension, and the Network will be the start of filling this vacuum in Barbadian engagement.  The Network will be a forum for sharing ideas and business development,  and will allow for this Barbadian collective to better tap into State and local business agencies.  It will also give Barbadian business owners a more solid footing for connecting, which is critical; and in the end, be a platform to increase individual business activity.



     Consul General Holder meets periodically with a select group of Barbadian business people, to brainstorm and share ideas. In upcoming editions, Bajan Diaspora online will be featuring each participant of the Barbados Business Network committee, so stay tuned.

     I would like to thank Consul General Holder for his patience and cooperation. 


Mary Yearwood