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the Barbados Labour Party Canada Branch.

          We are pleased to inform you about a new business enterprise whose mission is to ensue the success of business enterprises, whether big or smallo.  Mr. Shawn Newton and his wife, Mrs. Michelle Frederick-Newton started Newton Consultancy Group in ........... this year.  Information about what they do can be found at NewtonConsultancyGroup.Net.


          Prior to being self employed full time, Mr. Newton worked as a Dean at a notable University in Massachusetts.  Mr. Newton has worked in education for a little over 25 years.  As such, some of his work as a consultant has evolved from the learned experiences of working in a college and university setting.

          For more information on this business enterprise and what they can do to help you succeed in your own enterprise, you may contact Mr. Newton below.


Mr. Shawn A. Newton

C-Founder and Senior Consultant

Newton Consultancy Group

P.O. Box 2016

Salem, MA 01970



Telephone: (   _)



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