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Mary Yearwood

WELCOME Subscribers and Readers!

     In this 57th year of Barbados Independence, and two years as a Republic, we Bajans in the Diaspora continue to pray for for better days ahead for our island nation.  


     This edition of the publication is dedicated to our Consul General at New York, The Honorable Mackie Holder, as we thank him for his selfless service in representing Barbadians throughout the Diaspora, who are in his jurisdiction.  Consul General  Holder will be heading to Great Britain, where he will take up the post as Deputy High Commissioner.

     From the moment Consul General and his wife, Treva, arrived in the US, he started his mission immediately.  They arrived fresh of their flight from Barbados to a special service at the church of St. Luke's in Plainfield, New Jersey.   There, they met a small group of Bajan nationals, which included a smaller sub-group, which included the publisher/editor of Bajan Diaspora Online.  Five years later, all members of this NJ group have remained close with the Consul General.


     Consul General Holder has been duly credited for forming and maintaining strong bonds throughout the Bajan Diaspora throughout the United States.  Through his dynamic leadership, he has taken on bold initiatives, in support of Barbadians both in the United States and in Barbados, and has partnered with a melting pot of cultures and notable political figures and business leaders.      

     As you peruse this edition of the magazine,  I invite you to subscribe for FREE, by filling out the Subscription Form.   I also invite you to make a suggestion....tell us what you would like to see in the pages of Bajan Diaspora Online.  Remember to also share its web address (  with your family and friends.  

     Bajan Diaspora Online is also re-introducing it's Marketplace.  Look for details throughout the pages of the magazine.   For those Bajans in the United States, we wish you and your loved ones have a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Mary Yearwood,


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