Winston McQuilkin's influence comes from different types of music: Calypso, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Blues, and Soul.  The result is a diversity of styles that his audience knows how to appreciate.

     At a young age, Winston began singing in Chapman Lane, under the lights in Barbados. He formed the group, “Citric Acid,” with his best friends, Victor VJ Agard, and Trevor Brewster.  The band practiced at the home of Winston’s mother, which was situated in Mason Hall Street.  They play at the Zanzibar in Nelson Street, and the First In Last out.


     Winston continued his performance with the group, “Bunny and the Coolers”....always with his friends.


     In his home country of Barbados, Winston was a well-known artist. He played in many bars and



Winston McQuilkin singing with his childhood friend, VJ Agard

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