Among other venues, Winston performs at the "Civic Center" in Ottawa, where he shares the stage with "Don Child Blues Band."  He also performs annually at the exhibition in Ottawa.  He went on to explain that the places visited by the group are numerous.  They include, Thunder Bay, Edmundston, 

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia.  The band also tours Holiday Inn hotels across Quebec and Ontario.


     Winston later teamed up with other groups.  Among them are, “Les Technics,” “Dr. Brown," and "The Live Wire” (with whom he participated in the 21st Finals of the Quebec Games), “Good Vibes,” “OH-KA”, “Close-Up” (with whom he also toured on the East Coast), “Nightlife” (with whom he performs regularly at Château Frontenac, Loews Le Concorde,

Hôtel Universel, Holiday Inn, Les Hôtels Jaro, and the “Centre des Congrès” at Quebec).


     With the group "Epsilon," he did his first bilingual album of "dance music" in French and English, accompanied by a music video. He composed the lyrics and melodies, and performed

the songs from the album, which he believes will appeal to a very large audience.  Epsilon participated in many radio

interviews, and television channels regularly invited them to perform (at Musique Plus, Radio-Canada, TVA and Quatre-Saisons).  They participated in the “Star Telethon,” the

“Muscular Dystrophy Telethon,” and the “Telethon operation sun.”  The group also performs at the Olympic Stadium, as part of the “Salon Pepsi Jeunesse,” and the major cities of the province of Quebec (including the Gaspé Peninsula to the outskirts of Ontario).

     Winston says he worked at “Hôtel Québec” in Quebec City since he was 15 years old, and is still performing his music

from Barbados and the Islands.  One of his dreams is to return to Barbados as part of the Ghetto Twins, and play for his people.  He proudly declared that he is Winston "Brown" McQuilkin - a name to remember, but above all to hear.


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