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Canon Armstrong was ordained 58 years ago, and served his Ministry at St.Michael's Cathedral, and St. Augustine's, both in Barbados; as well as St. Barnabas, Toronto, before coming to the U.S.A. in 1975 and serving as Rector of St. George's and Calvary-St.Cyprian's, both in Brooklyn. In addition to these positions, he has preached in Churches throughout the Caribbean, U.K., Ghana, South Africa, Soweto, Japan, Israel, Germany, South Korea and the U.S.A.  Canon Armstrong holds the following degrees and diplomas: B.A.(U.W.I.), B.D.(London), M.A., M.Ed.(Columbia), Th.D., D.D.(International Seminary), Post-doctoral Diploma (Lincoln College, Oxford).

Fr. Armstrong's Diaconate on December 23, 1962 by Bishop Lewis Evans

Fr. Llewellyn Armstrong and  former student Tempest Bledsoe

His second passion is education; so he taught at several Secondary Schools in Barbados, including St.Augustine's College, which he founded. Coming to the U.S.A., he taught Mathematics at all levels in the Public School System; Social Sciences at Medgar Evers College and St.Joseph's College; as well as Religion and Society at General Theological Seminary. He also served as Special Tutor to Tempest Bledsoe (Vanessa in the Cosby Show) during  High School.  In 2008, he was invited to deliver a lecture at the Oxford Round Table at Lincoln College, Oxford. He is the author of two books: "Let The Church Say 'Amen' To Tithes And Offerings." and "The Triumph Of Truth.", both available on Amazon.

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