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A look back at our first Independence/Republic celebration

By Mike Remie

         Hello Friends and welcome to my entertainment column in this January 2024 edition of the magazine.  I am very glad to once again keep you updated on the happenings around New York and the Tri State areas, in terms of entertainment by members of the Bajan community.

          Remember that I am available to perform (Sing and DJ) at all your private and public events as Fabulous Mikie-Mike.  Just give me a call at (718) 715-2679 for rates.


          Shown are photos of a Cocktail Sip which was held by DJ Likkle D in Brooklyn at the American Legion  Hall.  The event was well attended, as the hall was packed.  All protocols were in place and honored by the attendees.

          Everyone was tremendously happy to greet each other.  So much laughter filled the atmosphere, and it was something to behold....remember that almost two years had passed that everybody was forced to shelter in place from the Covid pandemic.

           Nevertheless, at the party there was endless food and drinking, and everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves as they danced the night away to the music of three popular DJ's.  Pumping out the tunes were the one and only DJ Shawn, and international DJ's Cutterman and DJ Lil Rick. Most people took time to take a photos or two with friends they hadn't seen in so long. 


          The highlight of the night was when Singer Marzville, who sings "Wan Give It To Ya" made a guest appearance.

          People came from as far away as Boston, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and even as far away as Barbados.  It was a sight to behold.

          In the next few pages I will post some photos of party-goers for that evening's event.  You are certain to recognize some of your friends and maybe relatives.  I look forward to bringing you my next post.  Until then, stay safe.

Your Entertainment Editor,

Mikie Mike


November 2023, Mike Remie sings at the Foundation School Alumni Association Gala in Brooklyn, NY.

Continued on next pg.

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