In this short Bio of my childhood friend, Entertainer and Singer, Vijay Agard, he spoke to me about growing up in the city.  Vijay lived between Nelson Street, Jessemy Lane, the Orleans, and Rock gap. He attended St Mary’s Infants and Junior Schools, before moving on to St. Leonard’s Boys.


     Vijay told me that he always had a love for singing, which he started doing in the St. Mary’s Jr. School choir.  After that, he became involved in putting a singing group together like the Opels.  This happened before popular entertainer, Winston Brown McQuilkin, who was much younger at the time, performed with the group The Teens, of which all but one of the members is still alive today.

     Around that time, Vijay also played at Rediffusion.  We got a good laugh at his story about when his group won 2nd place in the competition, and the group won a couple cases of Banks Beers.  He explained how the older guys had most of them because he was the youngest of the group, and therefore was not allowed to consume beer.

     Vijay went on to explain that from there he got together with Winston Brown McQuilkin, and formed the group PEACE, LOVE and UNITY.  He also explained that after forming the group, they now had to hire musicians.  He said that’s when they discovered Kirk and Nurse.  Afterwards, Vijay started looking for a guitar player, and that’s when he found Trevor Beck Brewster at Manning, which was at the top of Broad Street.