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Mike Remie


By Entertainment Editor, Mike Remie

         To all my readers, I have stepped into the music business even further.  My professional disk jockey name is 'Fabulous Mike Remie.'  I am happy to say that I am available for all occasions.  You may reach me at (718) 715-2679 or email me at (

          It's been almost a year since my team and I held the tribute for the late Llewellyn Jiggs Kirton.  We had promised that after the event we would use the remaining funds to give an award, in 'Jiggs' name, to a recipient in Barbados.  And so we did, in November of 2022, after lots of brainstorming as a team, fellow musician and businessman, Mr. Ricardo Durant, his wife, Marcia and I, decided to present the award to Ms. Rashida Codrington, who is associated with the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition.  We got in touch with Radar's Studios in Barbados, and after a nice discussion, we decided to do a remix of the song, WHAT ABOUT YOU, which was originally recorded by Jiggs with the BRC as his backing band, back in the sixties. 


          We all came to an agreement, and the song was recorded in a Reggae version.  It sounds beautiful!  It will be released very soon.  


          Ricky Durant, who is the magazine's featured personality, his wife, Marcia and I, were also happy to participate in and attend some charitable events, including the Modern High School Alumni reunion in Barbados recently.  He has contributed greatly to the Entertainment industry of 1960's-1970's Barbados, and I invite you to read about some of his accomplishments in this edition.

Your Entertainment Editor,




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