After that, Vijay went on to form the Island Top Black Rock Band, CITRIC ACID.  I had a good laugh as Vijay told me that Brown came up with the name from a 7-Up bottle.  The band was booked to do a lot of private gig.  The band played for top actors in their private homes.  The band house was located down Brandon Beach, which was close to the canal down the hill.  He was so happy when he told me that it happened to be the time that they met Jimmy Hendrick's player, Billy Cox. 

     Vijay went on to tell me about the time that Trevor, who was the first to leave the island for Canada, was followed by Brown.  He told me he was then with Kindred Sprite, with John Brown, and Charlet King, playing all over the island. They became the House Band of Club Zanzibar on Nelson Street. That came to an end after a few years.