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Describe your time at school.

          Ah, I was rather quiet, still am. I went to the “College on the Hill”, All Saints’ Boys. It was a short walk to school. There were really excellent teachers and headmaster, Mr. Vaughan was tops. Students received a good grounding at All Saints’ and I will always remember teachers like Mr. Hinkson.

          All Saints’ was cool. Harrison College was a different experience. I learned a lot about the real world there – classism, privilege, favouritism, wealth gap. It was an interesting place through which to see the then social dynamics of Barbados. A lot of what I observed and the times – late 60s/70s – fueled my activist side.

          A great memory was bonding with Latin teacher,

Mr. Wiltshire – Chilly Willy. I wasn’t particularly interested in Latin, but we chatted about life, and he gave me some great advice about people with prepared pathways and making the most of education. I made some firm friendships there with people like Judge Chandler and Hattan Callender, who is well-known in the Barbadian community in Brooklyn.

Where else did you study?

          I was at Wales – Cardiff. Another good experience. I encountered many Africans, and it was interesting to watch the dynamics between people from different African countries, different tribes in the same country, and the clash of the modern with the traditional. Cardiff is a beautiful place.

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