Vijay told me that they became known pretty fast, and that lasted for a while.  He said Brown went back to Canada, and he went on to sing with Zorro and Fowl, whom, at the time, was putting together their backing band, which became Chapter Six.   


     “That’s where I came in as the vocalist for Chapter Six,” Vijay told me.  “We played the Hotels and stages at many a gig.  We played at the Globe, Drill Hall, and all the notable places at the time.” 


      Vijay said he stayed with Chapter Six until he came to Canada.


     “Brown brought me to Canada, and here is where I have been ever since.  We played and backed many an act that came to the Capital, Ottawa.  During these years we played yearly at Louzon’s Keyboard Stage, one of the biggest mosaic stores in the valley, after years of touring the Holiday Inn’s.  Every one of them in the Ontario area, and some in the Quebec area.  That band was a funky band too,” he went on to say.

Vijay with the Band Chapter Six

     Vijay told me that Brown went to Quebec to join his wife, and continues playing up to today.  He said that the virus has closed all the music places.