“Trevor jams with me sometimes.  He’s not too far from where we live. Brown is in Quebec, which is 6 hours from us.  But we speak all the time, but not as much as we all would like.  But because we are apart, we are always close at heart.”  I can certainly relate to that my friend.


     Vijay explained that he had a band made up of brothers from the USA and Quebec.  The band was named TFR.  But that was before Brown went on to form his band there.  During that time, Frank Lindo joined and played for a few years also.  He told me that when that came to an end, that’s when VIJAY’S Groove Machine started, and still continues to this day. 

     Vijay has opened for the top Blues act from Sean Seals, to Willie Dixon, to Culture, to the reggae band, The wailers, and the Prime Minister’s birthday parties.  He explained that for years they were the House of Commons Band in Ottawa.  They played on TV, at resorts, festivals, outdoors, and casinos, until the virus stopped everything in its tracks.  His last festival was in July 2020 in the Parks and Beachside Sports Bars.