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     Ricky started initially as a file clerk, before moving on to legal, paralegal, library, accounting, document production, and office management… gradually moving through every single department, and learning the ins and outs of the law firm. By the time Ricky retired as the firm’s Office Services Supervisor, after 47 years of service, he was known as the “great connector”, recruiting, introducing, and expanding the pipeline for other Caribbean men who were looking to secure stable employment in the US.


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     While employed at Jackson Lewis LLC, Ricky went back to school to earn his Mechanics Certification from Union Technical Institute.     


     Ricky joined as member of the Barbados American Charitable Organization of New Jersey (BACONJ), with the shared purpose of helping those less fortunate people in Barbados and around the Diaspora. Ricky’s philanthropic endeavors have expanded beyond the organization to include individuals in Barbados who need assistance. Annually, Ricky and Marcia sponsor prizes for an Essay competition at the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Show. Together they provide graduation gifts and school supplies for young scholars at his elementary alma mater.


Ricky recently presented a Guitar set to this Community College student.  Accompanying is wife, Marcia, and Mike Remie.
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