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          From the moment Consul General Mackie Holder took up his post in the US, he continually invited all Barbadians to bring our ideas to him, and to consult him for assistance in his capacity as Consul General.  He readily invited us to utilize the Consulate's resources.  He has been a consummate professional.  Don't ask me where he gets the energy, but he's constantly involved in some initiative to benefit Barbadians and Barbados.

          He has shown nothing but kindness, consideration, and appreciation to me and my family, and his wife, Treva, has also done the same.  'Mackie', as he has unofficially allowed me to call him outside of his official duties, even made the effort to hop in a car with Treva, and drove 11 hours overnight, in order to attend our son Christian's wedding the next day in Pennsylvania.  Fortunately, as he and Treva can attest, the ride was well worth the effort; as being able to fellowship with all of our friends, relatives, and of course, other members of the New Jersey group.  For that, Ben, Michael, Christian and Jana, and I, will always be grateful.  Consul General Holder holds Christian and Michael in the highest regard.  They feel the same about the Consul General.  

         We will all miss you, Mr. Consul General.  However, we are hopeful that we will all meet again in the future.  On behalf of myself, my family, and your friends that make up the New Jersey group, we thank you for your kind and caring friendship.  In return, you and Mrs. Holder have our love and deep respect.

Mary Yearwood,
Publisher/Editor of Bajan Diaspora Online


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