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     Since 2007 to the present, Judge Daniels has served on the Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Education.   In July 2010, he was appointed as a Judiciary Member to the Supreme Court's New Jersey Commission on Professionalism in the Law.


     In October of 2010, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Stuart Rabner, appointed Judge Daniels as Chair of the Inter-branch Advisory Committee on Mental Health Initiatives. 


     Judge Daniels is married to Mrs. Yvonne Marti de Daniels, who, as I can attest to, is a beautiful person inside and out, and just as dedicated to youth as her husband.  They are both very actively involved in the church.  When I asked Judge Wendel about his aspirations, he told me of his desire to distinguish himself in the judiciary for the State of new Jersey, and perhaps the country.


     Judge Daniels has mentored numerous youth from different backgrounds and has educated them about current events.  He also motivates youth to do better in school and teaches them specific skills, with the concept of GPA (Goals, Plans, and Action).  Let me say thank you, Judge Wendel,  for positively encouraging my own two sons throughout most of their lives.


     Over the past twenty years, Judge Daniels has spoken to numerous elementary and juvenile youth in the New Jersey and New York areas about education and law, and is instrumental in motivating them to reach their full potential.  He is an avid golfer, and regularly plays with members of his golf club.


     Judge Daniels would like to give a "Shout Out" to his Aunt, Audrey Blackman, who is retired from her nursing career, and lives in St. James.  He and Yvonne return to Barbados at least twice a year to visit.  


     I would just like to thank you, Judge, for taking the time to grant me this interview and for your friendship towards my family.  You have played an integral role in the lives of our two sons.  Blessings to you for 20 more successful years of excellent Public Service.


Mary Yearwood