Dale Knight

     ‘Pure Gold’ was the band that I had the most chemistry with. We not only played the hotel and night club circuit, but we also toured Winnipeg, Manitoba on multiple occasions. There, we were featured at the Folklorama Festival, and also backed the limbo dancers, the fire-eaters and the Mighty Explainer. We jammed on the River Rouge and Lord Selkirk river boats.  I was again playing music on water.


     Back in Barbados, ‘Pure Gold’ also did weekly gigs on the ‘Jolly Roger’ and ‘Bajan Queen.’  I, along with another of my brothers, Oral, started a little band with Tony Grazettes as the lead singer. Tony

was with our group for a short while, then Njeri replaced him doing 50% original music.



     I left Barbados in 1990 to work with Wendy Alleyne’s band, “New Wave,’ on the SS Norway cruise liner. My 1st contract was for nine months, but I had adapted quickly to ship life and cherished the opportunity to interact with people from over 50

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Njeri, Michael Bayley and Dale Knight as the band, Solar Energy

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