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You have been involved in cultural events in Barbados. Tell me about that.

          That started from a liking for music and writing. So I started going to cultural stuff – plays, dances, calypso tents when they only had ten people. Then I was involved in some things, judging and so on, and became a music critic.

          I wrote a few plays, one of which, Country Comfort, was performed and won some NIFCA awards; produced one book of poetry – Tears of the Heart; instigated Celebrate St. Peter in 1995 which morphed into Community Independence Celebrations and, of course, produced a Crop Over band for 25 years and have written a few songs here and there.



          St. Peter is a very historic place and I am very much invested in heritage stuff. The Barbados influence in America and long and deep and needs to be told much more.

          I pretty much follow all things cultural and one of my favourite treats is taking in Broadway shows. There is immense talent in those few blocks and the technology is mind-blowing.

Consul General Holder and Master Lou Drayton

Consul General on stage with Negus Adeyemi 

and CJ EmpressPoetry Layne.

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