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Is this your first installation/post in government?

          No, I guess that would be becoming Personal Aide to former Prime Minister Arthur.


          How is the Consulate coping with the Covid crisis?  What advice do you have for Barbadians in the US?

          We have managed well. In fact, except for a few months last year, we have basically been at work and even during the height of the pandemic, we did what was required to help persons who had emergencies.

          It has been two years in incredulous suspension, but life in New York and surrounding States is, thankfully, becoming energized and it’s good to have some in-person interactions.

          My advice to Barbadians in the USA and Barbados is simple – take a vaccine and remain mindful. I do not know how, apparently, too much of the world has, suddenly, lost common sense and there is such nonsense around the pandemic and vaccines. Vaccines help, they always have; in fact, they have helped eradicate many diseases.

          Barbadians are accustomed to vaccines and take

a common sense approach, above all else, to things. Let’s take a vaccine.


          How can Bajans in New York help other Barbadians here and in Barbados?


          Let me say I am incredibly proud of especially the Barbadian Associations in the jurisdiction of the NY Consulate General – NY, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Philadelphia – and individual Barbadians, for their tremendous support of our country during the pandemic. It has always been there, but the way associations and individuals have stepped up has been amazing and a clear indication of love of country and fellow Barbadians – and it is continuing.

          Recently, the first mission to Barbados of nurses, led by head of the Nurses Association, Cecily Wilkinson – nurses taking their holiday time, buying their own tickets – has made a fundamental difference – not just in patient care, but in connecting with health officials, and making strong bonds with professionals. This can only serve Barbados well.

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