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          The PPE and other supplies sent by Associations and nurses have been salutary. Together with Cicely, we were recently able to get a 20ft container of materials from Maimonides and another US$10, 000 worth from Americares.

          And there have been other donations over the past nearly two years, responding to specific calls for help – direct financial contributions, tablets, even toys. There is no underestimating the support.

          I would simply urge all Barbadians to continue to support each other and our country. Ignore the naysayers and agendas of some – we are all Barbadians and Barbados first. Associations need to work in tandem for mass, and we know unity is strength. I would hope that the move made to form an umbrella group, and the bonding as a result of Zoom meetings, would not be allowed to fall in abeyance or worse. Less talk, more action. It would also be good to see Barbadians showing our strength – building on the high regard in which we are held – to get involved in more areas in the various communities, using our voices to highlight areas that continue to impact Barbadians and Caribbean people in NY and elsewhere and our countries, whether immigration issues or climate change.

The Bajan Diaspora Nursing Team Volunteers To Help Covid-19 Patients in Barbados

Hon. Mackie Holder, (at front left) and Education Minister and Acting Prime Minister, Ms. Santia Bradshaw (middle seated).

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