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What advice would you give to young people who would like to get involved with cultural things?

          In famous words – just do it! Some young people need the group-type setting, others are more individual. But whatever the interest is, we should encourage them to just go for it. It’s sometimes difficult to be in front of others, or to share thoughts, and we should give encouragement. Young people have different avenues now, many online platforms, and these should be utilized. Put up some dance moves, some poetry, your thoughts – build an audience where our peers are … and monetize it. It is always good to have mentors, so do not be dismissive of those who have experience, advice and money to contribute. Remember, too, platforms might be different but the fundamentals remain the same. And for those seeking to make their particular area of interest a profession, there are really few overnight sensations – and from the get go, own it, copyright it.


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