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What is a typical day like for you? 

One of the good things about the job is that new things come up every day. In a day I can have an impromptu with the BTMI or Invest heads – we get along very well – or attend a birthday function or, unfortunately a funeral, or have to give a speech or meet some government official, so there is variety.  But usually I am in office by 10, respond to emails throughout the day – I like to respond to queries quickly – speak to association members and members of the Barbadian community, speak to persons who wish to have an audience, or deal with queries about Barbados. I usually leave work about 6.  However the day goes, it is an honour to be Consul General and serve.


What are your hobbies and interests?


My hobbies and interests haven’t really changed. Books and reading old style; listening to music, attending cultural events, writing, travelling – not so much getting there but being there.


What are your favourite things?

Family. Catching up with friends. Enlightened conversation. Cooking. Lying in my bed in Barbados with no one around and the doors wide open enjoying the sea and gully views and ……the silence.


How did you meet your wife, Treva?

We actually first met through work. I was marketing manager at what is now Starcom and Treva was an ad executive. We didn’t hit it off at all – first impressions at the first meeting were not good at all.  We became best buds after I left Starcom and got together years later. Life is strange isn’t it?

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