Dale Knight

     I'm wishing a special Happy Mother’s Day to my mother Sheila Knight, who has been and continues to be instrumental in shaping and supporting all of us, her 8 children, and her many grands and a couple of great-grands. I’m happy that she’s still here to see them all flourish. She has also positively influenced many neighbors and their children, supporting them at childbirth and comforting the elderly in their final hours.


     Also, Happy Mother's Day to my wife, Aiasha, my sisters Grace and Joy, and to my sisters-in-law.

    I would like to send a huge "SHOUT-OUT" to the people who influenced me musically in Barbados. They were Ricky Brathwaite, Smokey Roett, Derry Etkins, Richard Stoute, David Burnett and Keith Ellis.


     They took the time to let me know what I was doing wrong and/or right.

Author, Dale Kight

Publisher's Note:  I also would like to thank you, Dale, for allowing me to feature you in the pages of Bajan Diaspora Online.  I am sure with all those pending gigs at Bahama Breeze, and your collaboration with Khalida on Steel Drum, you will have a lot of appointments lined up.  I wish you all the best.

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Dale Knight and his wife Aiasha