Fr. Armstrong 4

     I have a dream of a Church that reaches out to deportees, who have to start over their lives with little or no resources, no family, and often, no friends. This can work; I know because I tried it with two people on different occasions: one I knew in the U.S.A.; the other I met at home in Barbados. Now they both have their own small businesses. Yes, there are some who are redeemable; they just need a ‘second chance’. Remember that “The Church is not a museum of saints, but a hospital (not hospice) for sinners”.

     I commend these dreams to the Diocese of Barbados with a vision of their being favourably received and implemented.  There is nothing original  about these dreams, but as they came to me at this time, I feel compelled to share them with Barbadians in general, and the Anglican Church in particular. I know of  Parishes that are sponsoring some of these programmes. The vision that I have is for these programmes  to be sponsored by the DIOCESE through Parishes.

     I am very much aware of the fact that these programmes need to be funded. The question is, How? Well, since the Church is a ‘Community of Faith’, let us look at Jesus’ first reaction before He fed the large crowd (including men, women and children). He was “moved with compassion”, not pity. When he shared with His disciples the challenge of feeding everybody, he was given a very realistic answer; they did not have the funds. It was Andrew who told Jesus, “There is a lad here with five barley loaves and two fish…” So He used what was available, a boy’s snack, to perform a great miracle by offering it up to God for the blessing, and in an organized manner, was able to feed the multitude. Herein lies the answer to the funding source; we begin with what we have, ever so small, ‘a child’s portion’, offer it to God through His Church as good stewards, and look for the miracles of changed lives. My first book, entitled, “Let The Church say[GLA1]  ‘Amen’ To Tithes And Offerings.” (By G. Llewellyn Armstrong) Is available on Amazon. I am dedicating proceeds from the sales to the Diocese through St.Bartholomew’s.

     This old ‘lad here’, is willing to offer the little he has, to help perform a miracle in at least one person’s life. For example, if there is anyone in any of the above mentioned situations who genuinely needs a new start, please contact me at 718-552-3008 or 718-552-3027 or e-mail: I have already set up an Armstrong Scholarship Fund at my home Church of St.Bartholomew’s to help needy children, primarily of the Parish.  So with the permission of the Priest and Church Council, I will be willing to help, using them as the local contact.

     So then, I have shared with you some of my ‘dreams’, as an old man, and ‘visions’ as one who is ‘young at heart’. Take them for what they are worth. To those who say that I like to ‘show off’, I say that I am glad that someone noticed, and I assure them that it is not really about me, but about God’s love in my heart working through His Church. To Him be the Glory.


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