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Caribbean American Medical & Scientific Association (CAMSA), Inc. was formed in New York in 2002 by a group of medical and non medical professionals and others of Caribbean descent who wanted to improve health care for the Caribbean community both locally and in the Caribbean, as well as to give back to the Caribbean countries from which they had derived so much.


Harrison College Queen’s College Alumni Association is an Association of alumni of the two schools which aims to provide financial and other support for the promotion of high-quality educational programs. We also collaborate with other organizations to reach out and provide educational support to the communities where (it is located).


About Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA), Inc. is a community-based not for profit organization dedicated to minimizing the impact of cancer on Barbados and Caribbean Communities in the United States of America by promoting prevention, early detection and prompt treatment of cancer in these populations

The Combermere Alumni USA, Inc; was founded for the benefit of Combermere School, present students and former students in Barbados and the United States of America. The mission of the organization is to assist all Combermerians to become progressive and productive members of society.  The Association seeks to cultivate the spirit of fellowship among alumni; hearten a program of cultural development; promote personal growth as well as facilitate all students to endeavor toward preeminence. As a non-profit based organization we solicit funds to enable us to provide financial grants, educational aid and other assistance when ever possible to past and present Combermerians.

About Barbados Diaspora Collaborative USA (BDC USA) The Barbados Diaspora Collaborative is a non-profit organization currently focused on establishing a residential hospice facility in Barbados to provide palliative care including pain and symptom management as well as psychosocial, spiritual and bereavement support to patients and families. Its members include representation from several umbrella Barbadian organizations as well as other Barbadians.

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