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          Sex and Intimacy...What seems to be a taboo subject in the Black community, especially as we age.  Why is this?  It probably has something to do with the way we were brought up.  As baby boomers, we probably were not used to hearing our parents speak about the subject, and they, in turn, most likely did not hear it from their parents or guardians.  But since this phenomenon is not restricted to the West Indies, and because the occurrence or non-occurrence also happens in the US, the UK, Africa, and among black people everywhere, could the lack of discussing sex and intimacy be because of a mindset which stemmed from the ravages of slavery, which taught black women that they were not beautiful or sexy?

          Adult women and men from the black population still find the subject a bit hard to discuss publicly.  And even though black women are learning more and more to love and appreciate their bodies, for the most part, there are still some subjects that they still will not discuss in the household; thereby leaving the subject up to teachers and possibly doctors to broach with their children.  I can remember my two very young sons asking some very 'inquiring' questions when they were about 6 and 8 years old.  Of course I figured that if they could ask, then it was the right time to explain.  But their responses to my answers still makes us laugh to this day.  So, as teens I was the one to bring up the subject of sex to them, only to be laughed at by two pre-adolescents, who told me they already knew all about what I was trying to teach them.

          So, I have decided to make the topic of Sex and Intimacy a somewhat frequent topic of discussion in Bajan Diaspora Online.  Hopefully, it will be a welcome topic.  In addition, because I have had several women and men discuss with me the need to find a partner, I will have a page where my mature readers could just meet up and have a conversation.  The page will be called A MEETING PLACE, and anyone can log on and become acquainted.

          To break the ice, you are welcome to watch three mature couples in the video below, as they discuss how they deal with Sex and Intimacy.

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