Written by Mr. Michael Cheeseman May 24

I would past in town where L.O.D sold his shades and Stay with him for a while, just talking music all day, for those who don't no, that's the guy in the middle who has also passed. Great percussion player, looking at the pic from in front Derry is to his right, and McGregor Leonard to Derry's right. I am to his left and Michael 'Smasher' Cadogan to my left. We all just happen to be moving around and of course all ended up by LOD. Ha haaa, two percussion players, Singer, Keyboard player, guitar player, all was needed was a Bass player and we would have light a fire Bridgetown with music. We had so much fun. I remember doing a recording home by me and taking it to Derry's Studio so he can put on keys and some other elements on it, when I played it for him he said to me, 'wait' you wake up pun de wrong side,' I asked him why, he said to me Michael Cheeseman you crazy , I was listening to a lot of Jazz funk, contemporary, Miles etc etc, and believe me it was a dangerous peace of music. He loves it. That stood with me all through the years. It always makes me laugh when I remember it. I started to tour a lot after that and don't even know where the song is now. Long time ago. Derry, the heavens are yours sour free, and as a teacher of music I am sure God has call you for a reason. May God walk with you always. Rest well my friend.

Mike Remie here again,

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