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Looking for a heart-warming story to gift your child this Christmas? Look no further than "LAND OF THE MELTING POT KIDS....Epiphany of Dreams." With the help of a 'magical melting pot,' this tale follows a group of school children as they experience exciting adventures, which helps them to forge lasting friendships, overcome challenges, and explore the world around them. Normally $14.99 for a soft cover copy, this book is now on sale for just $9.99. Prefer audiobooks? The Audible version at $9.99 is currently available for just $5.99. Don't forget to take advantage of our gift wrapping services to make this gift extra special.

LAND OF THE MELTING POT KIDS....Epiphany of Dreams

SKU: 364215376135191
On or before December 23, 2023.
  • Land of the Melting Pot Kids, Epiphany of Dreams is a 6X9 inch Hardcover book.  It is a story about a diverse group of students, who tumble into a magical melting pot, and in doing so, they experience amazing true-to-life adventures.   What makes this book special is that with each adventure, the children discover their strengths and talents.   Customers who purchase this book will be helping children to realize that there are many cultural differences that make up the world's population, and that forming bonds with others who are different than themselves can help them achieve their greatest potential.



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