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     Okay, let's get down to getting it done....instead of merely paying 'Lip Service', since nothing much is achieved through lip service.  Many years ago it was rare to see someone knighted, as the requirement to become a knight was for someone to have achieved something of distinction.  I remember back in the 1970's when Queen Elizabeth came to Barbados to bestow the Order of Knighthood on our world-reknowned Greatest Cricketer, Sir Garfield Sobers.  Since then until now, there are a number of people of Barbadian heritage who have been granted the title of Sir or is now exclusively conducted on behalf of the Queen by the Governor General, and most likely, with participation of the Prime Minister in some form or other. But ask me what most of these distinctive people did to gain the title of 'Sir' for males, or 'Dame' for females, and I cannot tell you!  There is nothing tangible or visible to connect these people to the honor that they have been given.  I'm not saying that they do not deserve the honor they were given.  

     That brings me to one person, a notable Barbadian, who has does not carry the title of Sir before his name, but who richly deserves the honor!  It is none other than Mr. Richard Stoute, who has been dubbed by "The People" of Barbados as The Godfather Of Bajan Music.