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     Lovingly and respectfully referred to as "Richard" by his friends and close acquaintances; Richard has done for the YOUTH of Barbados (our future leaders) what no other Barbadian has done...he has given them status, encouragement, guidance, mentoring, fatherly love, career guidance, and CAREER SUCCESS...His protoges are too numerous to mention!  This did not just happen over night; and it did not just happen 10, 15, or even 20 years ago!  This has been a tireless effort and mission of Mr. Stoute for more than FORTY (40) Long Years...since the mid 70's!  It's a vision that he developed as a young patriot; and with entrepreneurial grit and steadfast maturity, Richard set out to make his dream a reality....thereby launching the careers of MOST of the talent that has come out of the Island....a few of his most notable success stories are,  Alison Hinds, Adrian Clarke, Rupee, TC, and Edwin Yearwood, just to name a very few.  Now in 2017, 11 of the 18  Calypso Semi Final Contestants are individuals whom Richard has trained, mentored, and produced to compete in the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition!  IT IS LONG OVERDUE THAT MR. RICHARD STOUTE BE GRANTED THE TITLE OF SIR, precdeeding his formal name!

     As observers and consumers of entertainment, all we see is the finished product!  We do not see the hard labor, scarce resources, lack of funds and adequate sponsorship, and personal sacrafices that are borne out by Mr. Stoute to get these youth and their parents to and from practice; the cost of renting an adequate training facility and providing them transportation (mainly by taxi to ensure their safety) to get them back and forth to the various venues...and on time; the endless training and all that it takes to provide the materials; the snacks and nutrition that many of these youth lack when they come to Richard for help; not to exclude the cost of prizes, the proper attire that they wear, which many do not have and cannot afford to buy,k in order to present themselves as professionals; and the scholarships and prizes to make it worthwhile for these youth to have an interest, and compete in the competition.

     Today I am asking you to click the LIKE Button on FB or sign your name in the Comment Box below as a to Petition to our Prime Minister and Governor General.  Once enough signatures are gathered, a formal request will be made to ask that the honor of KNIGHTHOOD be bestowed on Mr. Richard Stoute, for his decades of tireless work of distinction with the Youth of Barbados.

     Whatever beef you may have against the entertainment industry of Barbados, or with Mr. Stoute personally; I urge you to consider that Richard has given these youth a means of living and of employment and entrepreneurship for decade after decade; and to this day, he's even more passionate about his mission than when he first started his Talent Competition in the 1970's.  Let's be fair and honest and patriotic, and let us give Mr. Richard Stoute the honor and appreciation that he so richly deserves.  IT'S ABOUT TIME!

     Regards and Thank You for your participation, 

Mary Yearwood, Editor
Bajan Diaspora Online
(848) 219-0124