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Richard Stoute Knighthood Campaign

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Richard Stoute is affectionately called the Godfather of Bajan Music because of his historical standing in the culture of Barbadian Music.  In addition, it is due to the fact that not only has he guided scores of youth in Barbados to the career of their choice, but he has helped many others throughout the years to be granted gainful employment.  This does not stop at youth only; Mr. Stoute has been “Godfather” to many adults for all of his life.  He was also a Founding member of the Opels, an outstanding group from the 60’s, which included a number of notable Singers, such as Clarence Thompson, Midge Springer, and Hubert Grant.  This is where Mr. Stoute began his career.  Mr. Stoute sat on the Board of Tourism for three years and also on the Board of the Barbados Workers’ Union.


I, Elizabeth Mary Yearwood, CEO and Editor of Bajan Diaspora Online; as Leader of the Diaspora Nominating Group who is petitioning for Mr. Stoute to be knighted, can attest to the great work that Mr. Stoute does singlehandedly for the people of Barbados.  I had the pleasure of being assisted in the planning phase of Barbados Spectacular, Featuring the Legends of SPOUGE & R&B, which was held at the Drill Hall for Barbados’ 50th Independence Anniversary.  Citizens of Barbados kept Mr. Stoute’s phone busy day and night, calling him for help in one way or other.  Whether it was to request pampers for a baby, food to eat, clothes to wear or money for household purposes, Mr. Stoute never disappointed.  He assisted every one who made a request.


Mr. Stoute contributes greatly to the Taxi industry of Barbados, as he does not drive and does not take public transportation.  This means that several times a day, Mr. Stoute is giving business to entrepreneurs who run transportation services.


In addition, as for Mr. Stoute’s musical proteges, many of who come from humble homes and environments; Mr. Stoute makes sure to provide for transportation to and from practice, and not only for the child, but for his or her parent.  Many time, these children come in ordinary clothing and improper shoes.  In these cases, Mr. Stoute sees to it that they have proper shoes and clothing to wear to practice and also to compete in Preliminaries and Finals.  Again, this also applies to the parents.