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Richard Stoute Knighthood Campaign

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When Mr. Stoute hires Musicians, Bands, Photographers, and rents Hotel Space, etc. he is literally adding to the economy of Barbados and providing employment for scores of professionals and income for various establishments.  Just last year, a Barbadian citizen who lost a leg in a car accident was assisted by Mr. Stoute, who rented space at the Divi Southwinds, in order to stage a Concert to raise funds for Mr. Richard McGeary, was permitted to sit at the door in order to collect his own funds as people entered.  Mr. Stoute had previously raised funds for another Barbadian, Mr. David Walker, who also lost a leg in an accident and needed a Prosthesis. Mr. Stoute’s benevolent contribution to members of the Barbadian society is conducted annually, and he uses the Teen Talent Competition in order to raise funds for various persons in need.  Last year a food drive was conducted for the family of Shernell Walcott, who is in desperate need of a home and employment, as she has 6 needy children.

Mr. Stoute has assisted a two-year old, who was losing her eyesight.  The funds raised for this child, Ms. Catherine Mayers, was used to send her to London for a much-needed operation.  Mr. Stoute is happy to report that today, Ms. Mayers is a happily married woman, with good eyesight, and who now resides in England. Again last year, Mr. Stoute included a “Disabled” Category for his Teen Talent Competition.


These are just a few of the benevolent activities that Mr. Richard Stoute has taken upon himself as personal contributions, on behalf of the people of Barbados.  He has, without a doubt, rendered outstanding service to Barbados and its people; in particular, the YOUTH of Barbados.  He has remained a tireless Child Advocate for all his life.


Richard is a huge lover of our national sport of Cricket, where he excelled since his youth, and for which he was honoured by the Barbados Cricket Association.


The upcoming tribute to Mr. Stoute on May 27th in Barbados, staged by former contestants of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition, has been long in coming; and he is very much appreciative to be shown such respect by many of his proteges. 


We, Barbadians in the Diaspora have given back to our beloved island in countless ways.  Richard Stoute is a part of our generation. We have seen him progress throughout his life and career and have grown throughout the years with Richard as a perpetual Icon to all of us.  Mr. Stoute’s elevation to this honour would be our way of saying, “Thank You Richard!”  We request that you grant us this petition.


MR. RICHARD STOUTE is hereby nominated and strongly recommend for the Award of the Knight of St. Andrew.